We get you the best talents
While you focus on your business

Why WhizedIn?

Because who doesn’t want a hassle free, talented employee for their company!

WhizedIn comes with the mission and vision to become the perfect platform for you to hire best employees in a jiffy. Each of our graduates go through an intense training cum internship program so that you get the best folks to hire. Each of our graduates are pre-trained and pre-vetted to perform and deliver the best.

Hire Talents

Hire from the pool of highly skilled and trained candidates in no time without any hassle and effort

Top-notch Skills

We promise to bring you talents which are the best in the industry. Most of our candidates fall in the top list of skilled people

Long Term Support

We provide you with the best and longterm support when it comes to hiring and finding right employees

Pre Hiring Work

Work with your employees before hiring them by giving them freelance projects and hire only when you are satisfied

How it works

Intense training of our candidates

We find talents with right mindset throughout the country and train them with our proven training cum internship program, where each candidate codes, learn and  work on real-world projects to get all necessary knowledge and skills to perform and produce excellent results.

Hire from our pool of talented graduates

Once graduated we prep our candidates to find the perfect-fit job for them. And we Cater you with a pool of our highly skilled candidates to help you find the right solution to all your hiring problems


We work for your happiness and your satisfaction is our promise. Try us! We bet that you won’t regret. 

Hire with us

Contact us to see what we can do for you. Work with us and get all your technical hiring problems solved.

Graduate with us

If you think you have the right attitude and you are ready to take the best career move then apply to our intern program.

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