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Join our 3-months intense and proven internship program to make the best out of your career and get hired at the best of companies.


Get mentored from the best industry leaders and learn through our extensive training courses.


Work on some of the best and challenging projects while following best practices and contributing to open-source.


Excel and earn while working on our freelancing projects and getting hired at the best of places

Take your step towards the biggest career move

Steps of Success


Application and Screening

Generic and Specialised Training

Performance based rewarding

Freelance and Open-source Projects

Get Hired


You apply to our program and go through our screening test to get into the internship program. Once passed you come to our centres for a period of 3 months and work with us on everyday basis.

Once joined, you will first start with our generic training and then eventually move to specialised training which will be assigned to you by our us considering your preference and interests. Our generic training will helps you in catching fast even if you are not from the same background.

At Whizedin we always prefer and promote performance.You will regularly go through our training and assessments and as you perform we will run you through a rewarding program which will strive you to always be the best and performing. If you fail to perform then you will not be benefited with the rewarding program.

While training work on some quality freelance projects from companies to gain experience and hold on to the opportunity of making good stipend and simultaneously build and contribute to your open source profile/community.

Pass out from our program and get hired at the best of startups. Graduate from our program with top notch skills in various platforms and domains like below 

Backend 89%
Frontend 61%
DevOps 71%
Design and UI/UX 50%
Android/Ios App development 85%
Soft skills 82%

Frequently asked questions

We run the program every month and each new batch starts in the 1st week of the month. You will have to contact us one month prior to your planned joining date so that we can look at the seats and make proper arrangements for you.

No not as of now. To join the program you will have to come to our location for at-least 3 months. Our centres are all in Pune but in future we are planning to set it up in other cities too.

We try to keep it competitive for you to always be on the foot. You will have to pay us training amount but you can get it all refunded by continuously performing. Through our rewarding program and freelance work you can actually make a lot more stipend.

As we said, we always prefer performance. We will put our blood and sweat for you to get hired at the best place. Most of our projects are pre-funded and we always have open positions from various companies which you can fill only if you perform and excel.

Yes, once placed you will have to be in touch with us to help us spread and build network at various other cities and colleges. We expect little bit of support from all our alumnus.

To know more about the program and for any application related queries Contact Us

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